Tuesday, November 29, 2011

In the mood for mini pumpkin cheesecake

My husband and I were sick for Thanksgiving so we stayed home and had a family dinner just us and our daughter. We were in the mood for pumpkin cheese cake but did not want to end up with a whole cheesecake in the refrigerator. I decided to make mini pumpkin pie cheese cakes, I had come across Bakerella's website and decided to try her little mini cheesecake technique I used my own pumpkin cheese cake recipe and a store bought pie crust and followed the simple directions on how to create the little pumpkin shaped pie crust. They were so fun and easy to make they were yummy too! My husband could not keep his hands off of them : ) that lets me know they were amazing. I popped one in my mouth it was a little bite of heaven. My Thanksgiving was fun we made a turkey breast, Mac and cheese, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, and collard greens it all turned out so yummy and cozy it was a Thanksgiving to remember I Love You J and Malia.
We had one day to get this all together, we were supposed to go to California but we couldn’t because of the tiny yucky germs we got, so the day before Thanksgiving we were at the store getting everything we needed and yes it was super packed at Wal-Mart but we got it all done and had a great Family meal.

                                      Mini pumpkin pies

                              Our Thanksgiving dinner

Malia enjoying pureed turkey

Holiday Flavors

I spent the day creating some holiday flavors I had a blast while trying to figure out what kind of ingredients I was going to use. I created peppermint, pumpkin and eggnog wow were these good! LTB got allot of compliments on the peppermint cake pop and cake ball, my personal favorite was the peppermint as well it was sooooo good. Overall they were all DELICIOUS, the cupcakes were so moist just like they should be.
I gave them away to my family and I got some great feedback which I love to get because it lets me know I’m doing it right especially if I get it right the first time. I have fun creating flavors that taste good, Kisha and I will be creating more flavors next week so we can have a huge Varity for our clients.

Peppermint cupcakes 

Peppermint cake pop

Eggnog cake pop

Craft Fair

We ended up doing the craft fair and it was nothing compared to what it was supposed to be. We did not get discouraged because it was not advertised as we were told it was going to be, but we sold more than any other vendor there. It was slow and not allot of foot traffic, this did not discourage us at all. It actually got us in gear to get our banner flyers and get our business rolling. Everyone loved our cake pops and cake balls they all kept asking how do you make these what’s the secret. We got to see so many different reactions and feedback on what flavors clients would love to sample. We are getting ready to do a dessert table this Friday I can’t Waite it's going t be so much fun. I am excited for January 2012 we will be hitting the town to launch the news about The Little Treat Boutique. I am so glad to be doing what I love! I can’t Waite until we are a huge success I have a great feeling it’s going to be very soon.

Love Jen

The day we got the banner


                                          Our Flyers

                                          The menu

Friday, November 4, 2011

So Excited!!!

I am so excited and I know Kisha is too! We are One week away from the big craft fair event. We have spent weeks late nights and weekends getting ready for this awesome event. We ordered all of our supplies and had a blast getting it all ready. We will be making 1,000 cake balls and cake pops plus all of the other goodies on the menu, we are ready for even longer days and nights to prepare and get ready for this 2month event.   
We will have so many yummy Cake pops, cake balls Chocolate covered Oreos and chocolate covered pretzels. We offer a lot more than just those yummy thing’s like special order mini cupcakes regular size cupcakes, mini cakes, big cakes, cookies and woopie pies. We hope to see all of our friends and family at this event to show their support and even to come by and say hi would be great. It will be so much fun I can’t wait to see you there : )

Love Jen

Monday, October 17, 2011

Loving Blueberry

I really enjoy making cake pops while others use frosting kisha and I get creative with using other yummy things and we put allot of fresh fruits and other goodies into our little treats, It is really fun getting creative with these yummy bite size surprises. Every time I bit into anything we make it feels like I’m being surrounded with LOVE We like to say we make everything with love and we do, thats another reason why our little treats are so super special to us and to all those that taste them : ) 

New Creation

The other day I was craving an almond joy; I live a long way from the store so I decided to make my own almond joy cake pop and what a wonderful idea it was! I had a blast making it and the taste was even better, it fulfilled my every craving I had for an almond joy! My husband really enjoyed this cake pop and so did Kisha. Here are some pictures of the finished product. It looks delicious but tastes even better YUMMY!

Love Jen

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I'M Back Yay!

Hello I’m back I have been moving for the last 2 weeks and have missed blogging about all the fun I have baking, and starting a new business, the move is finally over. Thank you to my sister-in-laws husband David he was an AMAZING HELP!
Yesterday I went to Michaels to get a couple of things I needed and thought to myself there has to be a cheaper and more efficient way to dry my cake pops instead of spending so much money on Styrofoam DING! I remembered there was a Home Depot right next door so I decided to make my way over and get some wood, they were about 8-11 dollars for a whole plank, which was an awesome deal so a man came up to me and asked me if I needed any help, and of course I said yes, I said to him I need a thick piece of wood to hold lollipops he looked at me and said what’s that, DUH! Lollipops. So he took me down to the sale isle and I got a whole plank for 50 cents what a great find. He was awesome for showing me such a great deal, if you ever read this and remember me Thank You Sr.
So I rushed home so excited and put my husband to work he made me an awesome cake pop stand that holds 36 pop’s woohoo! I had it cut into 3 sections so that means it holds 108 pops how awesome is that! Thank You honey  ( I have one for you to Kisha)

Today my husband J helped me create some pretty awesome Halloween cake pops I had a blast in the kitchen with you honey, thank YOU for being so awesome and believing in me! I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH! My princess even jumped in to help a little bit; she kept the measuring spoons handy for me  : ) Love YOU Malia!